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The Good With The Bad

Last night was an exercise in frustration, let me tell you what.  I turned off the light at 11:30, which is a good 10-15 minutes earlier than usual, because I COULD NOT KEEP MY EYES OPEN.  About 35 minutes later I was slowly dragged out of my slumber by my car alarm accidentally going off, my son came in to snuggle at 3-ish, and the almost-2-year-old was up at 5-something.  Needless to say, I didn’t exactly manage to get the rest I wanted; I dozed after church, but that was cut short by, well, screaming.  (From three different children, mind you.  I’ve only GOT four.)

On the other hand, my hubby grilled some tasty chicken for dinner, we ate our $.89/each artichokes and they were lovely, and everyone went to bed well.  AND I had one of those lovely, gleeful surprises when I went to register for SEP conferences with my children’s teachers–the website finally acknowledges that they attend the same school!  This sounds ridiculous, of course, but my kids’ elementary school houses the magnet program for our area (it’s a gifted sort of program). My oldest, with her November birthday and LOVE of new experiences, is in it; my second, with her just-made-the-deadline August birthday and her shy, new-things-are-dangerous personality is not.  And up until today, I’ve had to log in separately to schedule their conferences, because the magnet program and the elementary school were listed as separate schools.  (I did try to open different windows and schedule them at more or less the same time–once.  Only one of my scheduled conferences was actually recorded, as I discovered later.  I was NOT pleased.)  My fellow parents-of-elementary-schoolers will understand why this was such a ridiculously happy discovery.  Oh, and since, insofar as I cheer for ANY pro football team, the Patriots are my guys, the game ended weirdly well tonight, considering.

There’s good and bad in every day, right?  Here’s hoping for more sleep tonight!

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