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Whoops! Missed One!

I really meant to post yesterday–I did–but then, well, I forgot.  My 7th grade band director comes to mind–Is there a reason for it?  Yes.  Is there an excuse for it?  No.  Mr. Kane, are you still in my head after twenty-five years?  Most decidedly.

Anyway.  The good news is that the extra day gave me time to finish Gator on the Loose! on the treadmill, and I’m pleased to report that what started out as a preview of a new series for my 7-year-old turned into a fun read for yours truly.  The Carters (and their friends!) are likable and full of personality, and their animal rescue business makes for some lively plot turns.  Keisha is an endearing narrator, and I especially appreciated the author’s explanation of the ending. Ultimately, this is well-researched, delightful fare for the middle elementary schooler; I’m looking forward to the rest of the series.

Gator on the Loose! (Animal Rescue Team)

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