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My Go-To Banana Bread

My family LOVES banana bread.  ALL of them.  And while I’m experimented with different recipes and liked many of them, this Classic Banana Bread is my basic, tried-and-true, everybody-wants-a-second-(or-third)-slice recipe.  I don’t make many changes; I do half wheat flour and half white and I leave off the brown sugar (I just don’t need extra sweetness on top of my banana bread).  I’ve made it with both sour cream and plain yogurt and there’s not much of a taste difference, so I generally go with the healthier option.  OH, and I don’t measure the vanilla.  I just, you know, pour until it feels generous. And EVERYONE LOVES IT.  I used to serve it as our carb for a whole lot of meals when my second was a toddler, because I could get her to take bites of–horror of horrors!–new foods when I was offering bites of this banana bread afterward.  (I’ve made the chocolate variation, by the way–tasty but more work.)

Anyway.  To make a long story short, this is good banana bread.  Try it.

You’ll thank me.

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