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Feeding a Crowd

Last Saturday we went to a baptism at 4 pm, which meant that if I wanted real food (and I really, really did), a crockpot recipe was going to be the way to go.  I opted for the first one I saw that I had the ingredients for, which happened to be this Creamy Crockpot Chicken and Wild Rice Soup; thankfully, it was just as easy as it looked.  I even sauteed the onion and celery for a minute or two before adding it in, since I prefer the flavor that way, and it was still pretty fast to put together.  We all more or less liked it, too, although I didn’t add enough salt and pepper.  (I never do when it says “to taste” without giving a ballpark estimate, because I’m always afraid of adding too much.)  I intentionally left out the cup of water, since thicker soups are easier for kids, and it worked perfectly well that night.  (The leftovers thickened up quite a bit, of course, because rice.)  I’m planning on playing with this recipe a bit, but I enjoyed it, and it made a TON–it filled my biggest crockpot, which just might be a 7-quarter.  If you want easy soup to feed a multitude, go for this one!

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