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Drum Roll, Please


Okay, that sounds pathetic, but seriously.  I finished one book in November (that’s not counting treadmill books, but STILL).  Life is feeling exceptionally busy right now, and let’s be realistic–that’s not going to end until we’re done with December as well.  Which is why I’m celebrating having finished a book.

The best part is that it was a delightful book; it made me laugh out loud and want to be friends with all of the characters.  (True, Emily’s mother’s “if it’s meant to be, it will happen” attitude did drive me crazy–if she were my mom, I’d say that about my chores and then go read a book instead–but she was still actually lovable.)  Emily is named after Emily Dickinson, and her English professor mother is sure she’s meant to be a poet herself, despite the fact that she doesn’t enjoy poetry (she prefers to copy her favorite romance novel happy endings onto index cards to save and write periodic letters to Danielle Steel).  Their views on destiny come to a head when Emily’s most prized possession gets accidentally donated to Goodwill–right after she discovers that her father’s name is written inside of it.  Her wild quest to track it down involves tree sitters, bookstores, a stray dog, and a smattering of other people’s poetry before reaching its (most satisfying!) conclusion.

There are possibly some plot stretches here, although several of them work when you consider the part fate plays in the novel; ultimately, however, I enjoyed it too much to care.  If you’re a book lover, don’t miss this one!

Destiny, Rewritten

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