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The Reality Of December (So to Speak)

Yes, I know, it’s still (barely) November, but doesn’t it feel like December?  It isn’t just the weather, although it certainly contributes; it’s more the quantity of events and tasks on my calendar. Once Thanksgiving is over, preparations for Christmas take over.

If that weren’t the case, I would be reviewing the last book I finished, or the last new recipe I made, or Pie Night as a whole; instead, I’m looking at how tired I’ve been, my plans for tomorrow, and what still must be done in my house, and I’m freely confessing that while I’ll get to those things eventually, it’s not going to be today.  I’m still on antibiotics from that miserable ear infection and my sleep schedule has gotten all messed up.  And really, I’m assuming that most of us are, more or less, in the same boat.

It’s that time of year.

What I’ve decided to try and do, however, is to be mindful of the moments, and to be aware of why I’m busy doing certain things; when I remember to do it, it makes a difference.  I am busy on behalf of my family, my friends, and my home, and these things matter.  I watched this message tonight–put out by my church for this Christmas season–and I think it expresses what I’m feeling better than I can.  Whatever your faith, it’s worth your time.

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