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I Have Been a Parent For a Decade

My oldest turned 10 yesterday, so here are 10 things I love about that girlie of mine:

  1.  She loves to try new things.  She did not get this from me.
  2. She eats like my mother.  On her kindergarten information sheet, she listed artichokes as her favorite food.
  3. She doesn’t necessarily enjoy practicing the piano, but she LOVES playing the cool songs she’s mastered.
  4. She still hugs me HARD when she leaves for school.
  5. She’s a good helper, especially in the kitchen.
  6. She loves people.
  7. She is athletic and agile, but she’s sensible–she can do what she tries to do, and rarely ends up hurt because she doesn’t try things she can’t.
  8. She loves to talk about the books she’s reading.
  9. She will accept explanations that make sense to her.
  10. She loves her family.

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