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  1.  I love General Conference weekend, when we get to listen to our church leaders speak–they are inspiring.
  2.  I really wish I’d been less sleepy during those talks, but CHILDREN.
  3.  We celebrated some September and all October birthdays in my husband’s family today, and there were WAY too many fabulous desserts.  You wouldn’t believe how much I ate.
  4.  Then again, if you know me well, you probably would.
  5.  My hubby was still getting over the virus that was in our house this week, so I took the kids to my in-laws’ house myself.  I am blessed beyond measure to have a second family that I love enough to enjoy doing this kind of thing, with or without him.
  6.  Tomorrow’s projected high is 20 degrees lower than today’s high was.  Cue children who are FREEZING!
  7.  My mouth still wants to eat.  My stomach is yelling up at it, “Are you KIDDING me?”
  8.  It’s not, sadly.
  9.  My hubby took care of all the kids’ fundraiser stuff that’s due tomorrow, bless him.  He also gets to work with my oldest on her science fair project.  Double bless him.
  10.  I’m going to RI this week, and while I’m over the moon, it still seems unreal.

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