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When Your Impulse Buy Inspires You

I finally made it to Costco yesterday, after three days of vomit, diarrhea, and SO MUCH LAUNDRY with my littles.  My toddler was more or less recovered, my 4-year-old had bouts of energy interspersed with exhaustion (at least he was keeping things down!), and I was SO GRATEFUL TO BE OUT OF MY HOUSE.  I was walking by the bread aisle, the one with the endcap of evil things like lemon bars and brownie bites, when I spotted the Maple French Toast bagels.

Yes.  Maple French Toast bagels.  They smell even better than they sound.

Anyway, I couldn’t resist, because hey, they can be breakfast, right?  And then–a few hours later–it hit me.

I can made a homemade version of the Bacon, Egg, & Cheese McGriddle with these (I’m not all that into fast food, but oh my GOSH that thing is amazing)!  And it ought to be mild enough on recovering stomachs that I can do it for dinner tonight!  That was a good moment, let me tell you–and it worked out more or less like I’d planned.  Here’s what I did:

–Fried up some bacon

–Lightly buttered my egg pan, cracked three eggs into it, and swirled around a spatula to break the yolks; I sprinkled with salt and pepper and put the pan on low heat, flipped my egg-disc when it started to gel on top, and cut the resulting circle into bagel sized quarters.

–Sliced some cheddar.  American slices would work here–that’s what’s on the original–but I never have any.  You want to slice thinly.

–Toasted the bagel halves and buttered them.

–Layered the cheese, egg, and bacon onto the toasted, buttered bagel half.

–Cut up some fruit to complete the meal.


Try it, people.  If you live for buttery maple goodness–with bacon!–try it today.

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