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Parenting is Messy

It’s not that I don’t get the sentiment behind the “treasure this time, they grow up so fast” mantra, but realistically, there’s a lot about this week I’d rather forget than treasure.  The night before last was all about vomit, vomit, and more vomit from my littles; last night was peaceful, but tonight my very-well-potty-trained 4-year-old son is on his second DIAPER.  (He hasn’t slept in diapers for a year.)  First it was diarrhea; then it was diarrhea AND vomit.  Which means that all of the food I was grateful he’d kept down today didn’t actually stay down (or in).  Which means I’m feeling a little freaked out at the moment.

There have, however, been a few moments worth treasuring.  Snuggling with your littles when they’re sick is a different kind of sweet, and watching my 1-year-old lay her head on her brother’s shoulder as they watched “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” at 1 in the morning was adorable.  (So was listening to her attempt at “Oh, Toodles!)  And while my current book of choice is turning out to be a bit more emotionally draining than I was expecting, I did finish Daniel Pinkwater’s The Hoboken Chicken Emergency, and it was hysterical.

I’m not going to spoil the plot for you–it’s just a bit of a book, anyway–but what’s not to love about a 266 lb chicken named Henrietta?  Pinkwater’s zany humor is in full force here, and yet there are also sly bits of social commentary.  This is entertainment on more than one level, and while I’m looking forward to giving this one to my oldest to read, I’m also going to recommend it to my sister–who has lived in New Jersey.  (Not in Hoboken, true, but still.)

Bottom line?  Let this one be a bright spot in your week as well–and may that week be vomit-free!


The Hoboken Chicken Emergency

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