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This and That

  1.  We currently have 196 library books in our house–and more on hold.
  2.  I officially have a plane ticket to attend my 20th  high school reunion, which means RI in October, which means I want to dance around singing, “I’ve got a golden ticket!”
  3.  AND my glasses are in at Costco.  It almost killed me not to be able to pick them up today, but tomorrow–here I come!
  4.  I’m bringing soup to a women’s service project for my church tomorrow night, so I made a BIG pot tonight for dinner.  (I’ll have someone else’s tomorrow!)  Now, what do I serve my kiddos before I leave?
  5.  My bed looks like a laundry room exploded on top of it.  I’ve miles of folding to do before I sleep.
  6.  But I’m going to RI in October!

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