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Living Up to a Truly Fabulous Title

I can’t remember how Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer came onto my radar, but once it did, well–I ask you.  How can you NOT be fascinated by that title?  It’s been sitting patiently on my library shelf for quite a while, but no more (it moved down to my daughter’s library shelf instead).

I think she’s going to love it.
I can’t tell you as much about the plot as I’d like, because this is not a book you want spoiled for you, but here’s what I CAN say.  Sophie’s parents have inherited her Great Uncle Jim’s farm, but otherwise they’re broke; her dad lost his job.  Her mother is supporting them by writing and publishing articles, and Sophie is missing her family in LA and her late grandmother when an unusual chicken enters her life.  From there, well…you’ll just have to read it yourself.
(I will say that it’s far funnier than that introduction makes it sound, and delightfully unexpected, and perfectly illustrated, and, and, and…
Just go read the book.  I promise you won’t regret it!)
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