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A Big Shout-Out to My Hubby

A couple of weeks ago my hubby surprised me with tickets to Henry V at the Utah Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City.

This was a BIG deal.

For starters, Henry V is my favorite play.  We’ve been talking about going for almost a year, but after replacing our bathtub in the spring we’re feeling kind of poor–AND my 20th high school reunion is this fall.  I want to go to that–I miss my hometown, and it’s not as if I have the chance to see anyone I went to school with here in Utah–and that’s going to cost money.  We decided we weren’t going to be able to manage it, even though my favorite play is unlikely to be back for quite a while, and I didn’t think about it again…until I got a text from my hubby asking what we were doing the week of the 22nd.  When he didn’t give me a reason why he was asking (even when I asked him), a tiny little voice started saying what if in my head; when he told me it was a done deal, I was thrilled.

Also, by done deal, I mean COMPLETELY planned.  As in, he’d already fixed it with his mom to come to our house and stay with our kiddos, we had a hotel–the works.  How awesome is that?

Now, I admit, half of me is feeling guilty about this post, because you don’t want to be braggy in that annoying way that people get on FB.  The other half, however, says that this is MY blog, and the man deserves the recognition.  We’ve had some rough years, and we’ve both gone through periods where focusing on making each other happy was a struggle; marriage is hard. When you have a ‘nothing but net’ marriage moment, it deserves celebration, right?

I think so.

No.  I KNOW so.

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