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An International Effort From Lays

Have you SEEN the latest from Lays?  (Yes, that was a Chandler Bing moment.)  I was at Wal-Mart yesterday and noticed them as I passed by the display, so of course I had to buy them.  (Must.  Try.  All.  The.  Things.)  We opened our four new bags of potato chips after dinner tonight, and OH my.  Here’s the breakdown by flavor.

1)Brazilian Picanha (Steak and Chimichurri Sauce):  By far the most popular.  I wanted the flavor to be stronger, but the kids and I all liked them; my hubby, however, maintains that meat-flavored potato chips don’t really work for him.

2)Chinese Szechuan Chicken:  The spiciest of the bunch, which I was expecting.  I’ve never had the real thing, but I didn’t think these were bad–just too spicy for me.  (And the girls.  I think my hubby felt more or less like I did.)

3)Indian Tikka Masala:  These did, in fact, taste like tikka masala (more or less), which is completely bizarre in a potato chip.  Also, making this flavor (and only this flavor) kettle cooked was a strange choice.

4)Greek Tzatziki:  The only wavy chip in the bunch.  I think the flavor could have been stronger, honestly, but what I could taste was fairly tzatziki-like.  These were weird because they sort of tasted like dip-flavored chips.

The girlies seemed to be Brazilian or bust, by the way, while my son told me he thought they were all good.  He’s not always reliable, but he may well have been serious, especially since he’s the only one of us who seems to enjoy spiciness.

Well, there you are.  Overall, another original effort from Lays, but I wouldn’t buy any of them again.  Have you tried them? Will you try them now?  Tell me what you think!


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