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I’m That Mom

What kind of mom is that, you ask?  Well, today I was the kind of mom who:

–Got up at 5:35 with a 1-year-old

–Made whole wheat chocolate chocolate chip banana muffins for breakfast (SO GOOD!)

–Put the screaming, overtired 1-year-old in her room and closed the door for a couple of minutes until I found the gumption to deal with her screaming more patiently

–Allowed the 1-year-old to gnaw on a watermelon rind outside in order to make dinner in peace  (There was totally some pink left on that thing!)

–Joined forces with a neighbor to stick the 1-year-old into the bathroom sink to wash the mud off of her hands and feet before dinner

–Survived the day

I love my 1-year-old, folks, but some days are hard, and most days see a mix of stellar and not-so-stellar parenting for all of us. Here’s hoping you all survived the day as well!

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