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Back in Town

Being able to honestly say that the family reunion was fabulous is a beautiful thing, folks, because it was for my hubby’s side of the family.  I am seriously blessed in the in-law department–they are fun and easy going, and they LOVE kids.  (Of course, our teething toddler was being a stinker and kept JUST wanting Mommy, but they kept trying!)  There were activities and games and treats and snacks and kids swarming everywhere–28 between the ages of 1 and 16, to be precise.  We had a blast.  (And then we came home and had a rough couple of days, because my kids can be pretty monstrous after a series of late nights in a row–which is why it doesn’t happen very often. Thankfully, we survived.)

Before we ever left, however, I finished The Jane Austen Handbook:  Proper Life Skills from Regency England, which means a review is overdue.  (Especially since I’ve been reading it in bits and pieces since October.  My friend Britt lent it to me years ago, and now that I’ve finally finished it and she just bought a bigger house, it can go back to her.  Wahoo!)  It’s really an interesting little book, I have to say.  It references Austen’s works whenever possible as it explains the social customs, dress, rules, and absurdities (and more!) of Regency England.  Those sly bits lend the whole book an air of humor, which combines with large quantities of facts to create a pleasing whole.  If you enjoy Austen, this is worth looking into.

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