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Late Nights

Last night was my oldest daughter’s show choir performance, which meant that my son got to bed 45 minutes past his bedtime, and my girls, well…number 2 wasn’t up more than 10 minutes later than usual, but my oldest does the post-performance-adrenaline-crash like no other.  There are always tears about something after she performs, and last night was no exception; by the time I got her calmed down enough to fall asleep, she was certainly up a half hour past her bedtime.  And tonight?  Tonight was my son’s preschool celebration, which means that he was up more than an hour past his bedtime, and the girls about an hour past theirs.  (The little one was up late, but she naps.  It’s different.)  Now, I know everyone’s kids have different sleep issues, but let me sum up for you:

1)There will be no sleeping in.

2)There will be weeping, wailing, whining, and (probably) gnashing of teeth.

3)There will be early bedtimes tomorrow, to which Mommy and Daddy will look forward more than anyone else.

4)And then–there will be much rejoicing.

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