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A Laugh and a Half

Remember me saying I was reading Buckle and Squash:  The Perilous Princess Plot on the treadmill?  I finished it last night. And OH MY GOSH.

It’s a fast read–my dad read it all last night, actually–and an illustrated one, but most importantly, it is bizarrely hilarious. Eliza and Lavender are about as different as two sisters can be, which is why when Lavender sets out to get herself found by a prince, Eliza sets out after her to rescue her from whatever trouble she’s bound to get herself into.  Add in a kidnapping wizard, a witch in need of knees, a tiny giant, and the symptoms of the Black Death–not to mention a moat monster or two–and you’ve got a laugh-out-loud, entirely non-traditional and completely fabulous fairy tale adventure.

Now, it’s listed for ages 5-9; it’s longer than, say, the Magic Tree House books or Princess Posey, but it’s shorter than most of what my 9-year-old chooses.  The writing and the plot, however, are going to make it a hit with her as well (hey, I got a huge kick out of it!).  Bottom line?  Get this one, read it yourself, and then pass it along to your kiddos.

You’ll be glad you did.

Buckle and Squash: The Perilous Princess Plot

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