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You Really Can’t Go Wrong

Yesterday my friend Britt and I were looking at asparagus recipes, because who doesn’t love to get together and eat asparagus? (We sure do!)  We ended up with some delightful baked asparagus fries–complete with homemade dip–partly because we were too full from piecing to go with this Creamy Pasta with Asparagus and Bacon.  Tonight for dinner, however, was a completely different story, and let me tell you what–it was fabulous.  It’s true that you really can’t go wrong with these ingredients, but still, I was more than happy with how it turned out.  I did substitute for the heavy cream, because GENETICALLY HIGH CHOLESTEROL and oh, hey, I didn’t have any; one can of evaporated milk topped off to two cups with whole milk from the baby’s jug worked nicely.  I forgot to go out and cut the parsley when I meant to (that about broke my heart!), but the only other change I made was more of a fix.  The description of the recipe mentions “steamed asparagus,” but nowhere in the directions did it actually say to steam it; I just threw it in the pasta water for the last 2 minutes and it was perfect.  (Oh, and I used penne, because it’s so easy for finger feeders to pick up and eat.)

If you like alfredo–the Parmesan-y kind–you should try this.  If you like bacon and asparagus–try it this week!

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