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Teddy Mars

It’s been a while since I’ve managed to read non-fluff on the treadmill; whatever I read there has to distract me sufficiently from the fact that I don’t enjoy exercising to make the time pass quickly.  Teddy Mars:  Almost a World Record Breaker, however, did the trick.  Teddy’s narration pulled me in and entertained me from the get-go, and his family, friends, and neighbor were all people I enjoyed inviting into my head.  His passion for The Guinness Book of World Records makes for all sorts of fun, and the results of his attempts to set one himself are varied (and not always predictable).

I will say that I have a well-developed sense of fair play and would have handled Teddy’s younger brother differently than their mother did; on the other hand, I know parents who wouldn’t agree with me.  Ultimately, it didn’t hurt my enjoyment of the story–I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the sequel.

Bottom line?  This should appeal to boys and girls in middle elementary and up.  (And you’ll enjoy it, too!)

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