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I Goofed Again

I didn’t even think of posting last night, which tells you how distracted I’ve been.  What can I say?  I’ve got family in town, my one-year-old had an appointment with an ENT this morning (she gets tubes on Friday), it was General Conference weekend, and today is my hubby’s birthday.  I thought about posting 41 things I love about him, but that felt like a longer undertaking than my tired brain could handle.  His lucky number is 4, however, and so here are four reasons why I love him more now than I did when I married him:

  1.  He is the most gentle splinter-remover on the planet.  Seriously.
  2.  He is an incredibly patient Dad.
  3.  He just finished building me a new computer–Hallelujah!
  4.  Even though he’s a far better pianist than I am, he notices that I’m improving and makes me feel good about the progress I make.

Happy Birthday to him!

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