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Unfortunate Choices

Today I went to the podiatrist and had a bump cut out of my foot, more or less.  We’ve been working on this for a while; he’s scraped it down, and scraped it down, and used the stuff they use on warts, and it keeps coming back.  (When I say “it”, by the way, I mean “it”.  He can tell me all kinds of things it isn’t–not a wart, not this sort of cyst, not that sort of cyst, not a tumor, not a corn, etc.–but he can’t tell me exactly what it IS.  According to him, this happens more than you’d think.)  Today he actually numbed it and used something scalpel-ish to dig out the core, leaving a neat little cone-shaped hole in my foot surrounded by the lovely shade of iodine.  He told me the numbness would last 4-6 hours, gave me some ibuprofen (the 800 mg kind) and some directions for bandaging it, and sent me home.

You know how the dentist always warns you not to chew on your lip when it’s numb?  I’ve never done that.  Walking around while my foot was numb as if nothing had happened, however, seems to have been a poor choice in a similar sort of way–a poor choice compounded by me choosing an “easy dinner” that involved no prep beforehand BUT trip after trip after trip to the griddle to flip the pancakes.  When it started to hurt and I finally sat down to look at the bandage, it had bled through my sock quite noticeably.


Thankfully, tomorrow is my church’s General Conference, which means we get to listen to messages from our leaders on TV (if you live close enough to Utah) or online (if you don’t).  It’s an inspiring weekend full of counsel that always blesses my life when I follow it; it also doesn’t require me to wear church shoes or walk around, which is apparently going to be a good thing this time.

If you have an interest in what The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is really about, go to lds.org and have a listen–tomorrow’s morning session starts at 10 am Mountain Daylight Time.  (And if you should ever happen to have your foot numbed, be careful how much you walk on it until the numbness wears off.)

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