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Not My Favorite Weekend

It is anyone’s favorite weekend?  Of course, I suppose if you live in Arizona (is that the only state that doesn’t do Daylight Savings Time?), it could be.  I have yet, however, to meet the person who truly enjoys the act of springing forward.  (Many who enjoy the effect, yes, but the springing forward itself?  Not so much.)  Certainly I find it even more objectionable as a parent than I did before my oldest was born, and it wasn’t my favorite even then.  Add a sick/teething/not sleeping well baby and a 3-1/2-year-old boy recovering from strep, throw 8:30 church into the mix (yes, that’s AM), and it really wasn’t a great weekend at all.  (And did I mention that my daughter’s first Show Choir rehearsal was at 7:15 this morning?  Who planned THAT?)  On the other hand, it’s OVER, and I at least got a keeper recipe out of the deal.  After most of a day’s worth of screaming at EVERYONE over EVERYTHING from my son, an easy meal was a must, so I decided to indulge a bit and try these Apple Coffee Cake Muffins, because streusel.  (It makes everything better.)

Now, I’d like to say I followed the recipe without deviation, but really, how often does that happen?  My changes weren’t biggies, though.  I was forced to be a little scant on the apples because I thought I had more than one right up until the last minute and my neighbors didn’t have any to spare; I’d have chosen to be generous if I could.  I subbed whole wheat flour in for half a cup of the flour, and I threw in a generous half teaspoon of nutmeg with the cinnamon (because that’s how I roll).  I also filled the muffin cups pretty full, because I don’t mind a bit of spilling over; even then, this recipe made 18 muffins.  And, of course, we ate them warm.

Because streusel.

If you’re wondering how they went over, well, we had 1 of 18 left by the end of dinnertime, and even that one disappeared rather mysteriously after the kiddos went to bed.  (I’m sure I don’t know anything about that.)

They were definitely one of the (few) highlights of the weekend.

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