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Valentine’s Cookies

We have a plethora of heart cookie cutters in this house, from more than one source, and so I told the kiddos we’d make cut-out Valentine’s Day cookies this weekend.  It was going to happen Friday–it really was–and then, you know, it didn’t, and so we did it today.  (Life with a 1-year-old.)  I asked the kiddos if they wanted regular sugar cookies or if they wanted to try a chocolate version, and my oldest (surprisingly) had the strongest opinion.  Apparently she doesn’t like regular sugar cookies, because they’re “too sugary.”  Nerds, you see, are fruity, and so they’re not.

She said this.  I swear.  I pointed out that sugar cookies are buttery, and she said they didn’t taste buttery to her.  Does this make me a failure as a mother?

Anyway.  I hopped onto Pinterest and settled on this Chocolate Sugar Cookie Recipe, and we now have two containers of cookies in my kitchen.  The pristine ones will likely be iced tomorrow; the broken ones, well, you know.  (What happens to broken cut-out cookies in your house?)

Interestingly enough, I’m looking forward to the icing.  I’m usually not that into icing cookies, but these are rather on the dark-chocolate-y tasting side, and I think icing will complement them nicely.  Without it, they’re good, but not necessarily make-again good.  (And by the way, they break easily enough that the icing had better make a NOTICEABLE difference in taste, because I think the application thereof is going to be slightly frustrating.)

Anyway.  I will report on the finished product next time, I promise; for now, I’m on the fence about this one.

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