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A couple of Sundays ago I had to come up with a meal plan kind of late in the day; I was looking through muffins recipes to make breakfast for dinner and I found these Good Morning Muffins right before my hubby offered to make biscuits.  (In case you’re wondering, his mother made good biscuits when he was growing up, and he learned how to make them.  My father made biscuits that he enjoyed more than anyone else, and I never felt the urge to learn how.  Therefore, my hubby makes all the biscuits in our marriage, because his are awesome.)  I was all about him making biscuits with our particularly grouchy son, so I tabled this recipe until the next Sunday, when we fed my nephew and I needed a bread to go with soup.

Interestingly enough, my pickier second girlie was a big fan, although it probably helped that she didn’t much care for the soup.  (Potatoes.  Seriously.  What is so objectionable about potatoes?)  None of the other kids seemed passionate about them; my oldest thought they were too orange-y.  My hubby was fine with them and my nephew said they were good (not that a 20-year-old college student is difficult to please), while I adored the streusel (bless the woman for using equal amounts of cinnamon and nutmeg) and wished the muffins themselves tasted more like my mother’s orange rolls (OH, those orange rolls!) and less like orange marmalade.  (Yes, they have a bunch of marmalade in them.  I just don’t love the stuff.  My father does, but then, he also loves mincemeat pie.)  I was hoping the orange juice would lessen the marmalade punch, but it mostly turned the muffins rather a lovely color.  Oh, and the streusel was a very dry streusel.  It didn’t make a difference to the actual eating of it, but it meant that you lost more while eating it.  Which was sad.

Honestly, I’m sort of tempted to try them again with peach jam, and perhaps peach nectar if I can find it; the streusel would work quite nicely with peach, and I think my oldest and I would be bigger fans. (Sadly, the boys in our family don’t care for peaches, which baffles me.)  As it is, if you’re a big fan of orange marmalade, you really ought to give this recipe a try; if not, approach with caution.

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