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SO Much Better

Remember Babymouse?  As in, Babymouse:  Queen of the World?  My oldest read it in her quest for a report-worthy graphic novel, and while she wasn’t terribly interested, my second wanted to read another one–which is how we ended up with Babymouse:  Our Hero checked out of the library.  I decided to read it before I passed it on, in case she got confused about the plot like she did with the first one; what surprised me was just how much I actually liked this one.

I knew half of my problem with the first book was my inability to relate to the plot, mind you.  The second one, however, reminded me lot of a tween girl episode of “Scrubs.”  Babymouse keeps slipping suddenly into random daydreams inspired by the everyday sorts of things that happen to her, and those daydreams infuse ordinary events with humor.  Missing the bus, having to play dodgeball in gym class, and fighting with your locker are easy situations to relate to; Babymouse makes them easier to laugh about.  (And the final confrontation, by the way, is very satisfying.)

Bottom line?  Again, it’s a graphic novel, so it’s not so much my thing.  On the other hand, if it IS your thing, it looks like the series might be worth sticking with after all.

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