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For Sisters

I grabbed The Big Wet Balloon because it looked like my six-year-old could read it and might enjoy it, not because I was expecting to love it.

Then I read it.

Do you have an older or younger sister–or daughters next to each other in age?  Because if you do, you need this book.  It was lovely.  Watching the two sisters interact–the older one explaining to and encouraging the younger one, and the younger one so focused on her sister–was a delight.  I don’t know that my daughters were quite as affected as I was, but really, they wouldn’t be.  (They still enjoyed it, you understand.)  The Big Wet Balloon inspired the same feelings in me that my daughters did at bedtime tonight, when they announced that the older is going to illustrated books that the younger writes.  And what’s not to love about that?

The Big Wet Balloon: TOON Level 2

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