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An Up and Down Day

I WAS going to blog about last night’s ham and noodle casserole, but today was just plain too weird.  In the interest of brevity, the high was going bra shopping BY MYSELF (thanks to my amazing carpool friend!) and finally replacing the cheap, hashed bras that I’ve been wearing for years.  A few thoughts on the process…

1)Buying a bra is WAY more complicated than it feels like it should be.

2)Why does Victoria’s Secret think I’m a D?  I can assure you, NO ONE ELSE ON THIS PLANET thinks I’m a D.

3)Trying on a slew of $40-$50 bras made putting my old bra back on a very depressing experience.  If I’d had time to change at the store after paying, I totally would have.

The low point of the day was having someone pull into my driveway, steal our ladder out of our (open) garage, and make a clean getaway while either the kids or I or all of us were in view of the front windows the entire time.  The kicker is that we didn’t see anything–a neighbor got suspicious and came over to talk to us about it.  (I should probably point out that a rather large bush obscures our view of the driveway from the front windows, but still.)  Ugh.

The rest of the day was just an odd mix of an unexpected nap on the couch, a sad nine-year-old who lost her new waterproof Christmas mittens at school, and a fussy baby.  (Incidentally, if that fussy baby is up in the night the way she has been the last two nights, we’re going back to the pediatrician’s tomorrow.) Perhaps I’ll talk about ham and noodle casserole tomorrow; in the meantime, the sooner I shower, the sooner I can sleep.

Theoretically.  (Again with the fussy baby…)

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