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Random Thoughts

1)Semi-annual sales are a blessing and a curse.  I really need a new bra, so I’m planning on hitting Victoria’s Secret soon, but oh, how tempted I am by Yankee Candle’s 5 large candles for $55!

2)Today my hubby bought me cream puffs from Costco and exercise pants.  Talk about counter-productive…

3)And lest you think he was being anything other than sweet, I do exercise, I don’t have clothes for it, and these pants say Sexy Redhead on them.

4)I’m pretty sure letting my 9-year-old stay up on New Year’s Eve wasn’t worth it.

5)My carpool friend is going to take the kids to school on Monday morning, which is usually my thing.  The Monday after Christmas break?  Hallelujah!

6)As much as I rather enjoy listing random thoughts, it’s Saturday night and I have to practice my hymns for Sunday.  Goodnight all!

1 Comment

  • Sexy Redhead pants??? I had NO IDEA this even existed!!!!