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I Hope Your Christmases Were Merry!

I’m assuming none of us are shocked that I missed a blog post on Christmas, right?  If I’d thought about it soon enough, I would have posted a brief ‘Merry Christmas’ message, but I didn’t, and I’m okay with that–I was busy being a Mommy and doing family things, which is how Christmas should be!  I hope you all felt as blessed as I did.

In other news, I actually managed to finish a book the day after Christmas–mostly because I had about 6 pages left but couldn’t finish it Christmas night because I was falling asleep.  I picked up Nora Ephron’s I Feel Bad About My Neck:  And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman for my free book from the library’s summer reading program; it came out while I was working at Borders, and it looked funny enough that it’s been on my list ever since.  I got around to it finally, and I have to say–it WAS funny.  It was so funny that even when I couldn’t relate to her subject matter (I’m not really old enough to be the perfect audience), I didn’t care–it was worth it for the writing.  (Ephron, after all, wrote the screenplays for “When Harry Met Sally” and “Sleepless in Seattle,” and co-wrote a slew of others.  She’s earned her funny label.)  It was also brief–under 140 pages–which made it kind of a perfect holiday read.  I put it on hold for my sister at her library in Colorado (in large print, no less!), I’m passing my copy on to a friend to read, and I’m recommending it to you.  Go to it!

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