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The Companion to Graphic Novel #3

My oldest really enjoyed Smile (remember the graphic novel project?) and was excited to read another book in the “series,” and so we checked Sisters out of the library.  You can’t really call it a sequel, since it’s got a lot of flashbacks and many of them take place before the events in Smile, but companion works.  (I’d say companion novel, but they’re autobiographical, and that feels wrong.)  Raina is still the main character, but Sisters is more about the evolution of her family and their relationships with each other.  The “present” chronicles a road trip she and her siblings took with their mother when she was 14; her relationship with her sister, Amara, is covered in flashbacks until that point.  My oldest said she enjoyed it, and so did I.  Why?

Here’s the thing.  Three of my four children were up in the night last night, and I’m feeling decidedly under the weather, so organizing my thoughts isn’t happening so well.  Here’s hoping a list of thoughts works for you…

1)That is one ornery younger sister.  I wonder how true-to-life the book is that way, and what Amara thinks of how she’s portrayed?

2)Gotta love the snake.

3)The open-ended aspect of the ending made me a little nuts, but if you go to her website and look at the frequently asked questions, there’s actually a good reason.

Hmmm.  I thought my list would have more thoughts, but the weirdness of the day is getting to me. Bottom line?  I possibly liked Sisters better than Smile.  Read and enjoy!


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