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Pie Night 2015

This year’s Pie Night was one for the record books, folks.  We had a record-breaking number of pies (18!), I made four for the first time, and TWO pies were finished ON PIE NIGHT.  (A Cream Puff Pie and a Biscoff Cookie Butter Cream Pie, to be exact.  We’ve never finished one before–having one more family than usual definitely made a difference.)  Here are OUR offerings for the night, in no particular order…

1)Chocolate & Peanut Butter Pudding Pie with Bananas.  My hubby picked this one (but of course, if you know us, you already guessed that).  He and I actually agreed on it–it was pretty good, but we would have preferred more chocolate and less peanut butter in the chocolate-and-peanut-butter layer.  And frankly, I would have preferred an Oreo crust, instead of the chocolate graham cracker one (since I could NOT find chocolate wafers at my grocery store).

2)Spiced Peach Pie.  I was underwhelmed by this one.  It was neither peachy enough nor spicy enough, and the cream cheese/butter/nutmeg layer–in my opinion–wanted a bit of sugar.  I wouldn’t make this again.

3)Strawberry Custard Pie.  I actually made this with raspberries and raspberry gelatin, and it was pretty good.  It would have been better with more raspberries, but mine had been in the fridge a bit long and some weren’t usable; it also would have been better with a homemade crust.  Lastly, the recipe called, essentially, for half a box of gelatin per pie; I would have preferred the flavor with the whole box, I think. (I like strong flavors.)  This one is worth revisiting.

4)Pineapple Pie with Coconut Cream.  I admit, I was a bit peeved that my daughter picked something that looked like a bit of a pain to make; it turned out, however, to be my favorite pie.  I tried my best to pick a pineapple that would be ripe–but not TOO ripe–at just the right time, and I lucked out.  It was a lovely one, and its beautiful freshness made a big difference.  The coconut cookie crust was delicious (I’d totally try it with the previous pie, actually) and the cheesecake layer made my mouth happy.  I didn’t love the coconut cream, I confess, but it would probably be different with fresh coconut milk.  (Since that’s not going to happen in Utah, I’d whip up some real cream and add a touch of coconut extract instead.)  This was a keeper.

And there you have it!  I wish I could remember all of the pies; all I can say is that it was an awfully good year.  What pies are YOU making for the holidays?

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