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A Last Minute Dinner

I honestly can’t remember why I had no dinner plan for today–maybe yesterday’s church party lulled me into complacency?  (Or maybe it was how many times I was up last night.)  Whatever the reason, at lunchtime today I still had no definite plan for dinner; thankfully, our favorite kind of breakfast sausage was on sale on Monday, and the package I’d grabbed was hanging out in the fridge.  (Yes, we did have breakfast for dinner at last night’s party, but that sausage was too spicy for my kids.  Completely different, right?  Hey, on the amount of sleep I got last night, it totally worked for me.)

So.  We had sausages, and we had fruit; all we needed was some sort of breakfast bread that was relatively low maintenance.  To Pinterest I went, and these Banana and Peanut Butter Muffins were the result.  And how were they?

Hmm.  They were crumbly, but I did substitute butter for the Country Crock and some wheat flour for some of the white; I’m not going to knock the recipe for something I may well have caused.  I was more ambivalent about the taste, actually.  They weren’t terribly sweet, and I didn’t think they were fabulous with butter; on the other hand, when I spread one with some Hershey’s chocolate almond spread? Mmmm.  (The kiddos didn’t see me, by the way.)  Adding the suggested chocolate chips would have been nice, but two of my kids have trouble sleeping when they have chocolate at dinnertime.

Bottom line?  Not necessarily a great dinner option, but for breakfast…with the chocolate spread…that’s possibly a different story.  If you like peanut butter–especially not-too-sweet peanut butter–they’re worth trying.  If you don’t?  Skip them.

It’s up to you.

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