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A Two-Fer

I’ve gotten into the habit lately of taking some time on Sunday mornings to pull out the kids’ library books that are due and not renewable for the coming week; that way, we don’t have to try and fit our ‘one last read’ in on a school day.  This morning there was a small stack due, so I figured I’d do a double review for you on this fine Sabbath morning!

I can’t remember where I spotted Miss Hazeltine’s Home for Shy and Fearful Cats, but since my second girlie is shy and timid to a sometimes impressive degree, it seemed worth a look-see.  Happily, the text and pictures were as delightful as the message was fitting.  Miss Hazeltine spends her time giving the cats that come to her lessons in typical cat activities; when she twists her ankle while bringing home milk, however, it is Crumb, the most timid of all, that must rise to the occasion and come to her rescue.

As for Penguin and Pinecone:  A Friendship Story, it takes a special touch to write a book that reminds us that true friendship transcends our differences while remaining amusingly sweet rather than becoming overly sentimental.  The illustrations are simple but perfect.

Both of these are not only worth reading, but possibly worth owning–and they both have messages that are always good for children to hear.  Don’t miss them!

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