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A Halloween Book You Should Not Miss

Okay, so I said that about the last one, too.  But this one is just as fabulous in a different way, and BOTH of my girls loved it, as did I–AND my mother.

Now, if you happen to have read Piggie Pie!, Zoom Broom is actually its sequel.  I have read Piggie Pie!, but here’s the thing–it’s been a while, and I really don’t remember it all that well, so I’m not going to say anything more about it in this particular post.  You certainly don’t need to have read it to enjoy Zoom Broom, because it has a bit of something for everyone.  Puns?  Check.  Amusing Alliteration (you see what I did there?)?  Check.  Hilarious literary allusions?  Check.  A ‘Who’s on First’ style comic exchange?  Check.  Sly humor throughout?  Check.

With that line-up, you really can’t lose.  You’ll fall in love with Gritch the Witch on the first page (as she’s eating her batscotti), sympathize with her coney cravings, relate to her transportation troubles, and revel in her retail experience.  (I want to be more specific, actually, but I hate to ruin the pleasure of enjoying the jokes as they unfold.)  Just trust me on this one–if three generations of our family loved this book this Halloween, your family is going to as well.  Order now, and you can stick it in your Halloween box before it gets put away!

(Cough.)  Not that mine is still sitting out or anything…

Zoom Broom

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