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Remember how my friend Britt and I came up with the 4th book plan, so that we’d occasionally read books we own instead of sticking to library books, which have due dates?  She’s thinking about moving and feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of stuff in her house, and my library habit has gotten out of control to the point that I don’t have space on my shelves for all the books I’ve checked out; hence, we’ve both agreed to read ONLY books we own for the entire month of October.  (This is going to create more room on my shelf for library books, by the way; I’ll deal with THAT problem another time.)

So far, I’m on my third book.  I started Hyper-chondriac:  One Man’s Quest to Hurry Up and Calm Down, but it had a bit of language, and the subject matter wasn’t something I was dying to go on with; I decided after 20 or 30 pages that I just didn’t care enough to spend the time on it.  (This was on October 1st.)  On the following day I started The Book of Joe, but there was even more language, and the vulgarity did not appeal.  (The premise was funny, but no.)  On October 3rd I started a book I’m thoroughly enjoying, though, so that review is forthcoming; in the meantime, I’ve gotten rid of two books I have no interest in keeping, and this pleases me.  Hooray for October!

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