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A Trilogy Complete

Despite all of the vomit–four of us were throwing up last night, and I completely lost count of how many bowls I emptied, including my own–I did manage to finish William Shakespeare’s The Jedi Doth Return, and it was a satisfying end to a fabulous trilogy.  I actually found it a little harder to concentrate on the words in this one, but that’s because I’ve seen “Jedi” more than I’ve seen the other films, so the actual lines were floating in my head more, and they sometimes collided with their Shakespearan counterparts.  The bantering action scenes were delightful (think Jabba’s palace, the speed bikes, and the scene where they’re trying to open the door of the bunker), Luke’s reaction to Leia’s metal bikini made me giggle, and I rather appreciated the asides that gave insights into the characters’ thoughts.  I wouldn’t choose to read anything like this with so much sickness in the house again, but that was a concentration issue, because oh, the lack of sleep!  (And I didn’t know how much sickness there was going to be when I started it.)

My last word?  There is a perfect bonding opportunity for ‘Star Wars’ fans and English majors in this world, and it is Ian Doescher’s William Shakespeare’s Star Wars Trilogy.

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