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The ER on a Sunday Afternoon

After taking the baby in on Friday and getting Amoxicillin for her ear infection (they tried a breathing treatment for the wheezing from her bronchiolitis, but it didn’t change anything), I really thought the sick was winding down at our house.  The boy still coughs a gunky cough from time to time, but he’s mostly better, and baby girl is sleeping again.

Then came the throwing up.

My oldest ran upstairs this morning, calling for “Mom!” in a tone of voice that didn’t bode well; her sister was throwing up on the steps leading up to her loft bed.  As far as cleanup, it was actually pretty simple; her stomach was apparently empty to start with.  Unfortunately, the emptiness didn’t seem to deter her stomach from its efforts.  She threw up phlegm and bile every 10-20 minutes–for SIX HOURS.

By that point, I’d gotten hold of the on call doctor at our pediatrician’s office, who told me to get ahead and take her in.  Thankfully, the hospital with the children’s wing is close enough that I just went there (she told me I could choose between instacare and the ER, but instacare wouldn’t do an iv if she needed it).  It was completely empty, and they took good care of us; half a Zofran dissolved under her tongue, two teaspoons of liquid every 5 minutes for an hour and a half, and home we went.  (By way of an open pharmacy, that is–for more Zofran, just to be on the safe side.)  She ate one waffle and drank more water at home, and now ALL the kids are asleep–including her older sister, who is either getting sick or very tired and anxious about the possibility of getting sick.


I have at least two recipes to blog about, and at least one book to review, but all I can think about are my poor sick kiddos and how badly I need sleep.  It is what it is.

Goodnight, folks.

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