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We’ve All Been There

I’ve clicked through more than one series of ‘Reasons my kid is crying’ pictures on FB; chances are, if you’re a parent and ON FB, you have, too.  After all, moments like my own son’s microburst of tears at the breakfast table yesterday–because we wouldn’t let him lick the butter out of the container–are easier when we remember that all kids have such moments.  I was, therefore, kind of excited when I saw on my library website that Greg Pembroke, who created Reasons My Son is Crying, had a book out, so on hold it went.

If you haven’t seen any of the picture collections, or the website, or the book, well, the premise is pretty simple.  People (especially Pembroke) post pictures of their toddlers during their tantrums, along with the catalysts for said tantrums.  (I was going to say reasons, but really, sometimes the reason is that your child is overtired.  Or in a bad mood.  Or, you know, TWO.)  The book gave me lots of reasons to giggle, with pictures of tears over everything from spills to terribly unreasonable rules, (like ‘you can’t eat an entire tube of diaper rash cream’); Pembroke also included occasional anecdotes better served by words rather than pictures.  All in all, if you’ve seen several of the FB lists, half the pictures may not be new to you, but they’re still good for a laugh.

Check it out someday when you need just that.

Reasons My Kid Is Crying

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