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The Bars That Lied

I was looking for some sort of bars to bring to a family thing last month (yes, I forgot to blog about it then, summer happened), and I opted for these Chocolate Coconut Bars, because hey, we all like chocolate and coconut!  I made them the evening before–following the recipe completely, believe it or not!–and they smelled A-MAZ-ING.  OH my gosh.  Even my hubby, who doesn’t have the Demars nose, noticed.  We could hardly wait to try them the next day…and to be completely honest, I snuck a bite before we left on our Amazing Race (which, by the way, was pretty awesome–kudos to my brother- and sister-in-law).

Sadly?  Meh.

They were fine, you understand.  You can’t go THAT wrong with those ingredients.  But they weren’t as moist as they wanted to be on the bottom (possibly my dry-ish sweetened coconut flakes didn’t help, but still), and the sweetness of the bottom contrasted strangely with the darkness of the ganache.  The two layers didn’t quite belong together, if you know what I mean.  And, unfortunately, my in-laws don’t go for dark-ish chocolate nearly as much as milk chocolate, which means that we brought home more than half the pan.

Which I then ate–with help from my hubby.  Because again, you can’t go THAT wrong.

Still, though, I wouldn’t make them again.  They weren’t bad, and someone else might actually appreciate the combination more; both my hubby and I agreed, however, that the smell while they were baking wrote a check that those bars just couldn’t cash.

It was a sad story.

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