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Five Sticks of Butter

Today is my second girlie’s sixth birthday, and while there’s now only one family birthday left in the calendar year, I think I will start a blog tradition anyway.  Because I can.

Six Reasons I Love My Six-Year-Old

1.  Her smile lights up her entire face.  It is transcendent.

2.  She is sweet and affectionate.  (She’s also a hothead.)

3.  She loves her family and shows it.

4.  She’s learned to eat new foods; she even learns to like some of them.

5.  She likes to involve her baby sister when they play outside.  (And she hasn’t dropped her.  Yet.)

6.  She surprises me.  (By, for example, making a friend at a McDonald’s playplace BY HERSELF, even though she’s incredibly shy.)

And yes, her birthday food involved five sticks of butter.  One for the cake; one for the frosting; one for the alfredo sauce at dinner; one for the muffin batter at breakfast; and one to melt and dip the muffin tops into (so the cinnamon sugar would stick, of course!).


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