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Dinner And Dessert–Sort Of

I was looking for a taquito recipe to try the other week, and when I saw these Slow Cooker Cream Cheese Chicken Taquitos I thought–hey!  That means I don’t have to cook the chicken and then mix up the filling!  I am ALL OVER that!  I made them for dinner the next night thinking they would go over okay with everyone but #2 (the one that doesn’t like Mexican food)…yeah.

Not so much.

Here’s the kicker.  My hubby thought they were fine, but #1 didn’t like them much better than #2 did. Which is kind of baffling, because I thought she’d be fine with them.  (The boy, by the way, ate 2 with gusto.  He likes Mexican food.)  I enjoyed them, I have to say.  Not in a “these are so amazing!” kind of way, but in a “this was a beautifully easy recipe that’s pleasant to eat” kind of way.  We need those in our lives, right?  They were creamy and flavorful, although the flavors involved weren’t terribly complex.  I actually followed the recipe except for the amount of chicken.  It called for two chicken breasts; I used four plus a can of Costco brand chicken when I shredded the cooked meat and saw that it was still pretty saucy.  If you have the Dolly Parton style chicken breasts, two might work; if they’re smaller, definitely use more.  (By the way, I only made enough taquitos to feed the family the first night, so I used the rest of the filling up in quesadillas.  It worked nicely.)  We served them with salsa because that’s what we had, but more toppings would certainly be enjoyable.  (Olives rolled up inside the taquitos would have been nice.)

As far as dessert goes, I have a disclaimer; I didn’t actually make these Oatmeal Cookie S’Mores Gooey Bars.  My hubby did.  He made them with three-year-old help, actually, and admittedly stale marshmallows, and so I can’t swear that they won’t turn out for you.  For us, however, the mixture didn’t really bake together, and while it certainly didn’t taste bad, it didn’t actually turn into bars.  (I called it dessert granola.)  We brought it to a family reunion and it was too crumbly for people to eat.  Perhaps soft marshmallows and a lack of preschool help would make a difference, perhaps not.

I’ll leave you to decide.

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