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I’m Still Alive!

Sadly, my kitchen computer isn’t.  Yet.  My hubby very sweetly set me up with a laptop, but laptop keyboards are not so much my friends, which is why I haven’t been posting.  On the other hand, I do hate to return a book to the library before I get my review done, and Jim Gaffigan’s Dad Is Fat is due this week and not renewable.  And so I brave the laptop keyboard!

Dad Is Fat was actually a book club pick, and I’m glad–I didn’t actually know it existed, but I would be sorry to have missed it.  In it, Jim Gaffigan captures the ridiculous aspect of parenting; what makes me happy is that even as he does it, his love for his children and for his role as a father comes through.  Gaffigan jokes about being a clueless dad, but any man who takes all five of his (YOUNG) kids to the park by himself has mastered the basics.  (And let me be clear–that statement holds just as true for women.)  He loves his family and loves spending time with them, which is what makes his humor so enjoyable.  It’s not negative–it’s wry.  I about died at his bit about keeping toddlers awake once they reach the no-napping stage.  And the bit about the sunscreen (although most of my children have avoided my redhead skin).  And the–okay, you really ought to just read the book yourself.

Bottom line?  Jim Gaffigan isn’t perfect, but he’s funny as all get out–and the world needs more dads like him.

Dad Is Fat

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