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My Son

Yesterday, my only son (yes, the potty training one) turned three.  And while he is sometimes incredibly exasperating, he is also adorable, mischievous, intelligent, loving, and sweet.  His blue eyes are framed by long, beautifully curving dark eyelashes–a model would kill for those eyes–and he’s been telling me jokes since before he turned two.  He loves his blue Crocs–really, really loves them–and is delighted when we pass construction vehicles on the road.  He’s willing to play Barbies with his sisters (guess who gets to be Kristoff every time?), but he also gets them to play ‘Bob the Builder’ with him.  He gives me big hugs and kisses at bedtime, and he was so full of joy at his birthday presents that I almost cried happy tears (it was possibly the highlight of my week).  I love all of my children, and I am so very, very grateful to have them.  I am also grateful to be raising them in a free country.  I believe this nation has its flaws, but there is still much that is great here.

To my son–and to the United States of America–Happy Birthday!

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