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A Consummation Devoutly To Be Wished

Last night, just before bath-time, my son was sitting on top of one of his sisters–she was on her stomach on the floor–and another one of them rushed by.  He was, apparently, accidentally knocked down, and cried for most of the rest of the evening before finally falling asleep.  (Bath-less, mind you.  I ran it for him and put him in it, and he screamed until he well, did something unpleasant in the water.  Once I cleaned that up, I went to ready the girlies for bed–baby in tow–and Daddy just wiped him and talked him into his clothes and eventually put him down.)  He held his right arm (the one with the intact thumb) against his body, cradling it with his other arm, and just screamed more if we touched it. Thankfully, my hubby’s suspicion was correct; the doctor confirmed a case of ‘nursemaid’s elbow’ this morning and popped it back into place.  It still hurt overnight, however, and that was sort of the last straw as far as sleep was concerned.  Here’s how the night went:

12-ish:  I turned out my light and was adjusting my pillow when the boy started to cry.  He was itching at his feet and ankles when I went in, so I rubbed copious amounts of his good lotion all over where he was itching and went back to bed.

12:20-ish:  My oldest came in.  She’s been complaining of “tickly” or “tingly” toes of late, but last night they were much worse, and the balls of her feet were itchy as well.  I put lotion onto the offending areas and carried her–no mean feat–downstairs to bed to try and help the lotion stay on her feet and do the job.

1-ish:  My oldest still couldn’t fall asleep.  She snuggled in between my hubby and me for a while before going back to bed to try again.  (This is the first time it’s bothered her more than once in a night.)

2-ish:  She still couldn’t fall asleep, she said.  This time she snuggled on my side, just with me, before heading back down.

3:45-ish:  The boy was crying and itching at his feet again.  He was too upset to try a second bath attempt, but not having it meant no lotion rubbed in right afterward, and even with Benadryl instead of Aller-Tec the itching was awful.  (He’s been up at 4 two other nights this week, itching his poor feet.)  More good lotion.  (The $6-$7 per 8 oz tube kind.)

4-ish:  Crying baby.  Whether her brother woke her up or she did it on her own, she certainly wasn’t going back to sleep again.  I gave her three ounces and tried putting her down–no dice.

Slightly later but stil 4-ish:  I was giving the baby two more ounces when my oldest came back up.  She read until the baby was settled and then I snuggled with her and talked about the coming day.  She didn’t want to miss the class auction, where she got to spend the tokens she’s been earning, OR the school talent show, so I told her that as long as she could get up in the morning and be cheerful, she could go to school.  We ended up putting hydrocortisone on her toes (“itchy cream” at our house), which she said helped.  Back to bed for her.

5-something: The boy came in saying he wanted to sleep with us.  I NEVER allow this, but he’d been awake and crying and miserable too many times for it to seem worth trying to put him back down.  His arm was obviously hurting, even though I’d slipped him another syringe of Ibuprofen at 4-something, so I pulled him into bed with us, where he did actually fall back asleep.  (I’m really hoping this doesn’t come back to bite me, because I NEVER DO THIS.)

6-something:  My hubby’s alarm starts to go off.  I was only dosing, anyway.

7-ish:  My hubby goes down to get my oldest, who despite her interrupted night was already awake and reading.  I grabbed a few more minutes to doze, but made it out of bed around 7:35.

The update?  The boy’s arm seems to be all better, and the doctor called in some prescription eczema cream.  I didn’t want to pull my oldest out of school, but since her feet were bugging her at bedtime tonight, I’m wondering if it’s an infection of some sort.  A doctor’s appointment is probably going to happen tomorrow–but AFTER school.

At least it’s early day.

In the meantime, I still need to practice the piano and shower, but my bed has rarely beckoned so invitingly.  Goodnight all!

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