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You Can’t Really Go Wrong With Those Ingredients…

My parents were in town for a quick stop on their way back to Idaho on Monday night; they stayed with my aunt, who invited me to her family’s Memorial  Day shindig as well.  (My hubby’s having a VERY busy work week, so he stayed home and worked from there while I brought the kiddos to the party.)  When I asked her what to bring, she said cookies, which meant I was perusing my Pinterest board for ideas on Monday morning.  I was going to try a recipe for white chocolate Craisin cookies, but when I pulled up the recipe at the last minute I realized that it told me–in all caps–that the dough had to chill for AT LEAST AN HOUR.

Yeah.  I didn’t have an hour to spare.

Which meant that I went with these Lemon Butter Cookies instead (and I only THOUGHT I had lemons, which meant a last minute run to the grocery store).  I mixed the dough and then my hubby and my oldest rolled them into balls and did the fork thing.  And they were tasty, because really, they were mostly butter, lemon, sugar, and flour.  How can you go wrong with that?  I did think they were a little dry, though.  I pulled them out of the oven as directed, so I’m inclined to chalk up the dryness to the hybrid nature of the recipe.  These are more shortbread than cookie, really, and shortbread is crumbly and dryer than cookies are; they aren’t true shortbread, however–not with that egg–and so they’re just a wee bit confused as to how they should be.  Chewy moist cookie?  Dryer crumbly shortbread?  They’ve got both of those in their gene pool.  If you’re expecting that from the beginning, though, it shouldn’t be a problem–because they are good.  (Possibly not lemony enough for me, but I’m not stupid–I’m well aware that there are entire lemon trees that may not be lemony enough for me.)  You should try them.

Especially if you can get someone else to roll them into balls and do the fork thing.

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