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The Free Time Window

My 3-month-old has been sick this week–a cold leading to an ear infection, for which we got antibiotics on Friday–and hasn’t been going to bed as nicely as she usually does.  (Note–a crazier than normal schedule isn’t helping, either.)  And as much as I was feeling plenty busy before she got sick, losing that bit of free time in the evenings is killing me.  She usually settles around 9, which leaves me free to spend some time on the computer, make sure the kitchen is presentable enough for breakfast, practice the piano, shower, read my scriptures, and do whatever needs to be done for the next day (such as take bread out of the freezer to make sandwiches in the morning, or go through the kids’ backpacks…you get the idea).  When she’s up until 9:30 or 10, my free time window shrinks, and let me tell you what–I FEEL IT.  Because I’m in the stage of life where I have a lively 2-year-old friend from the moment I get up in the morning until 7:15 or so at night; when he goes to bed, it takes another hour and forty-five minutes before all of his sisters are there as well.  I NEED THAT FREE TIME.

Anyway.  Viruses and ear infections pass, and neither one is anything like RSV.  It could be much, much worse, and I’m truly grateful that it’s not.

I’m just missing my free time.

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