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Little Green Peas

Even though I love reading rhyming picture books to the kids, I was skeptical of this one.  The idea was visually fabulous, but the text was awfully simple; would it bore the girlies AND become one of those books that you cross your fingers that your kids don’t pick?


Little Green Peas:  A Big Book of Colors is all about colors, true, and my girls are past the age of learning their colors, but between studying each page to see what the dozens of individually drawn little green peas are doing and hunting for the ladybug to be found on each two page spread, they have loved it.  The illustrations are fun enough to look at that I have no issue with the simple text, so it’s really a win all around.  If you like this one, try LMNO Peas and 1-2-3 Peas.

I just wish I’d known about them when my girlies were younger.

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