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Date Night

My parents are in town for a couple of days on their way to my sister’s house in Colorado, and by a happy coincidence, my hubby got one of his occasional free-new-movie-and-treat deals from work for last night.  When you have a newborn, you really don’t get out much, which is why, even sick, I was completely thrilled at the opportunity.  Of course, there was this conversation:

Hubby:  It’s the Avengers.

Me:  Okay.

Hubby:  Have you seen the other Avengers movie?

Me:  No.

Hubby:  Have you seen Thor?

Me:  No.

Hubby:  Thor 2?

Me:  No.

Hubby:  Captain America 1 or 2?

Me:  No.

Hubby:  ANY of the other movies?

Me:  No.

Hubby:  Hmm.  Okay….

(In my defense, this shouldn’t have come as a surprise to him; he sees movies without me all the time while he’s working on stuff downstairs, but I almost never see movies without him.)

Happily, however, it didn’t seem to be a big deal that I hadn’t seen the other movies.  I did have to lean over and ask, “Who’s THAT?” a few times–Hawkeye is a character on M*A*S*H as far as I’m concerned, and a black widow is a spider–but I used to watch “The Incredible Hulk” with my brother when I was VERY young, and I remember the taglines for the Captain America movies.  (I’ve also seen “Adventures in Babysitting,” giving me a nodding acquaintance with Thor.)  Either way, it wasn’t hard to pick up on the plot, and it was fun to see the oddly assorted group of heroes saving the world.  Some of the crashing got a bit dicey with the sinus headache I was flirting with, but at least the noise hid my occasional coughing fits.  It was, overall, a fun movie–and it was sheer bliss to be out with my husband for once.  Wahoo!

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