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Of Sickness and Song

I sometimes manage to elude the bugs that cycle through my kiddos; not this time.  This one has a throat-tearing cough plus a couple of days’ worth of fever, which doesn’t often happen at my house.  My hubby has been helping out, and my girlies both prayed for me last night (which made me feel loved while simultaneously making me wonder if me whispering constantly is freaking them out).  What always kills me about being sick is how much I miss things that I take completely for granted most of the time.  Oh, to breathe through my nose and swallow without discomfort! What really kills me, though, is not being able to sing to my kiddos at night.  I don’t have a great voice, but I do like to sing them a song at bedtime.   The last two nights Middle #1 has sung to me instead.  Which is sweet, mind you.  I just wish I could return the favor.

(By the way, on the topic of singing…ever since I had children, whenever I see even a clip of “The Sound of Music” I find myself wondering how it would be to sing to my kids and sound like THAT.  Because it doesn’t get much better than Julie Andrews, friends.  It just doesn’t.)


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